Sidewalk access on day 1

Kevin Kastner over at Urban Indy beat me to a post about something I’ve noticed the last couple of weeks around New York and Delaware Streets. You literally can’t walk down any of it. People are climbing over and around fences like it’s some perverse video game.

Kevin has a graphic that shows you the impossibility of walking down a street over there. Here’s my visual representation:

Mario Fire

Visual approximation of Delaware and New York Streets.

If I find myself elected to City Council this November the first thing I’m introducing is a measure to require construction projects to preserve some sort of walkway access. I don’t care if it’s a protected lane in the street or a single-file covered walkway. Heck, a piece of rope so you can swing across a hole in the ground would be better.

Dumping people at a dead end with a sign that says “LOL” is about the biggest F-U I can think of from most construction projects in town. Right after they walk away with a multi-million dollar tax abatement.

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