Rose: Mayor’s infrastructure plan fails to address city sidewalks, curbs

Robert Rose in a Letter to the Editor of the IndyStar:

Any road that is resurfaced should have curbs and sidewalks installed if it doesn’t already have them. Otherwise the job is only half done. Republican and Democratic administrations have kicked this can down the proverbial road since Richard Lugar was mayor and pushed through UNIGOV. Let’s see Hogsett do something different.

I don’t know that any and every road without sidewalks is half-done. Rose is right that more roads in Indianapolis need sidewalks and curbs, though.

Indianapolis should consider more narrow sidewalks. The sort of sidewalk you might see in a much older neighborhood. It consumes half as much right-of-way and at half the width can go twice as far for the same amount of money. I’d rather have enough space to walk twice as far and have to step over to the side to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs than having no space at all.


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