Positions and Ideas

Budgets and taxation

Arguably the one thing most people care the most about. Read my stance on Indy’s budgets and taxation.

Customer and digital service

How City government interacts with people is how City government thinks of its residents. Customer service should change.

Education and training

Local governments in Indiana don’t have much authority over their local schools. But there’s more than just children we have to think about educating.

Partnerships and Contracts

If it seems shady, it probably is. And if it seems like the process rewards the biggest and results in the most expensive, it probably does that, too. Partnerships with City government should be better.

Safety and Health

If you ever wanted to know about the priorities of a city, just look at its budget. Public safety consumes 90% of Indy’s budget.


I have no magic proposal for road funding. I do have a simple approach to what we do fund, though.

Justin Harter for District 12