Never admonish people for doing better, but lament them leaving

One of my first bosses told me, “As soon as you start a job, always be looking for the next.” It sounds disloyal if you construe it as such. But I think she meant to always be looking to improve, further yourself, and advance the work you’re doing. That could be a better position within an organization, not just a whole new job somewhere else.

That’s why when friends tell me they’re getting a new job or starting a new career I feel good for them, but brace for what comes next.

“Where’s the work?” I ask.

“Denver”, they say. Or Los Angeles, or Chicago, or Austin, or Houston, or somewhere else not here.

Indianapolis can’t be everything to everyone. There can really only be one Hollywood or financial sector or space program. But Indianapolis could be a place where it is more for more people. I’m saddened by the loss of friends. Too many tell me, “Yeah, I had to leave because there aren’t any jobs here.”

Except the kinds of work they’re talking about are available here in things like sales, marketing, and consulting. I can’t help but think they left because they thought someplace else was better.

I can’t admonish them for doing better, but I lament them leaving.

That’s why I want to see Indianapolis be flexible and offer lots of smart options for many kinds of people at different stages of life. We need young, hip, robust neighborhoods. We need suburbs that are distinctly different in style than each other. We need neighborhoods in Marion County that work well for seniors and young people and kids and single people and every other stage of life. It’s the only way we can make Indianapolis a city that people don’t ever want to leave when they get here.

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