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Everything is a remix, this thing is not new

Our policy debates have repeated throughout history. There has never been a time in Indianapolis’ history where people haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about public safety and schools. It’s good that we heap a lot of attention to those problems. It’s good that we continually examine and question their efficiency and service.

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Euthanizing dogs for space

If you ever take a tour of Indianapolis Animal Care’s facility on the southwest side, they’ll show you a room in the back corner of the building. The room is located down the hall from the adoptable dogs, near a bathroom and a fire exit. It was built to be a euthanasia room.

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No one knows how to cook a zucchini

There’s a story in the Star about two of the three mayoral candidates’ plans about food insecurity and access. I’m optimistic enough to think food access isn’t some racist capitalist ploy. If Wal-Mart, which is closing a Neighborhood Market on the east side, can’t make money, no one should expect them to give stuff away. […]

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Justin Harter for District 12