No local office holder should serve more than two terms

If elected, I’m only serving a maximum of two terms. I’ve long written that pledge here and elsewhere, and believe it’s worth every candidate to take the same pledge. George Washington established the precedent for our nation’s executive, and most states have term limits on their governors for much of their histories. But local government […]

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No one knows how to cook a zucchini

There’s a story in the Star about two of the three mayoral candidates’ plans about food insecurity and access. I’m optimistic enough to think food access isn’t some racist capitalist ploy. If Wal-Mart, which is closing a Neighborhood Market on the east side, can’t make money, no one should expect them to give stuff away. […]

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I have bad news about your roads

There’s nothing anyone can do this year or next about the condition of your roads. Sure, we might scrape together a few million here or there to patch a few spots here and there. That’s fine. But the sort of wholesale “let’s just fix everything” approach many people expect is not going to happen soon.

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Justin Harter for District 12